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Kofi Antwi is an African American writer, composition professor at SUNY Cortland, and assistant editor of Aquarius Press/Willow Books. During the summer of 2020 Kattywompus Press published Kofi’s debut book Tidal Wave. Kofi is the assistant editor of BLACK FIRE – THIS TIME and the forthcoming anthology Black Fire This Time Volume 2 published by Aquarius Press/Willow Books.


Kofi’s devoted work to inner city communities has created a relationship as a facilitator of writing workshops – exploring lyrics and memory as entries into participants writing. Kofi’s writing workshop encourages participants to identify their personal experiences within the lens of their community/cultural practices.


Kofi’s contribution as a creative writing facilitator and author has produced generative workshops such as Rhythmic Writing Workshops with middle school students, Creative Expression Workshops with Upward Bound Program, and an instructor for seniors’ exploring grief and gratitude Creative Writing Workshops with the Westcott Community Center.


To encourage diversity and inclusion of black voices and writers in Central New York, Kofi is assembling a Creative Expression Project to highlight various creative mediums – as explorations and discoveries of family rituals and inclusion of cultural traditions such as African Folk Art and storytelling.